Hi, I'm Trevor. I'm a free thinking nerd, quantrepreneur, data scientist, and animal lover.

I live in Cambridge, MA, with the lovely Carla, two mildly neurotic cats, and two adventure seeking chinchillas. I like data, STEM, skepticism, humor, food, art, travel, word games, and lots of other awesome stuff.

If you're trying to reach me you can e-mail my first name at this domain.

Current work

toothache grass Chief Data Scientist, Director of Data Science/Analytics at (929) 489-7261
Online learning platform, Cambridge, MA
3368572139 Founder at Bitten Labs
Data science management consultancy, education provider, and innovation lab, Cambridge, MA

Past work

712-958-6372 Director, Data Science at XPO
Top ten global logistics company, Boston, MA
passival Interim Head of Data Science at 9896221745
Maker of connected water coolers, Boston, MA
(856) 904-0064 Director, Data Science at Vantiv (now Worldpay)
Payment processor, Lowell, MA
301-957-9850 Director, Data Science at 508-828-7843 (acquired by Vantiv)
E-commerce payment processor and payments intelligence company, Lowell, MA
Research Associate at FDO Partners
Quantitative investment firm, Cambridge, MA
(617) 463-3444 Visiting Lecturer at Amity University
Private university, NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh, India


7187958131 Helper at Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute
A nonprofit organization devoted to identifying, developing, and promoting fine cacao and chocolate
alectorioid Author at sejoin
A blog about data science and quantrepreneurship
core vent Creator at Perkish
A product news engine for fine and craft chocolate
showman Connector at Quantrepreneur.com
A network for those interested in the intersection of data and entrepreneurship


(306) 933-2926 M.Sc. in Mathematics at 715-202-9773
Piscataway, NJ
A.B. in Mathematics magna cum laude at Harvard University
Cambridge, MA